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Ceramic Artist

Linda Sharon Rudman

Born in Africa, Linda spent her childhood drawing and painting alongside her father, an architect. In her teenage years she began exploring the fundamental skills of pottery. Immigrating to Perth, Australia in 1995 resulted in a lengthy hiatus from creative work. She joined the Yokine Pottery Club in 2013, mastering stoneware, porcelain and raku. The start of 2018 opened a new chapter with a relocation to Melbourne and the beginning of new pottery experiences. Linda explores the interactions between glazes, enjoying the surprises that occur, thus creating a melding of colours and textures. She is driven to create artwork that is functional yet beautiful and unique. Her desire is to produce vessels that are admired and used frequently. Linda believes that one feasts with their eyes resulting in the food presented in her bowls tasting even better.


Linda is experimenting with bespoke glazes reflecting the bright West Australian natural palette of blues, greens and ore-bearing rocks stemming from many years of West Australian living on land where the desert meets the oceans, rivers and big open skies.